Grubhub wanted to find a way to put emphasis on the drivers receiving tips. Originally the screen had no illustration or imagery. This was a hackathon effort to try and see if a visual idea could work. I took it a step further by animating a driver in both Grubhub and Seamless illustration styles. The org loved it so much I was requested to create 3 more per brand that showed the driver in some weather scenario to gain empathy from diners, that their drivers are delivering food in weather conditions. The result? Drivers began to get tipped more. 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch App, After Effects, Lottie.


I started out with a quick sketch on paper with a drive on a delivery scooter. Then created the vector image in Adobe Illustrator and exported it into After Effects. The idea was to make the driver look like they are.. well.. driving! I animated the Grubhub version to ensure the animation was according to plan then moved onto creating the equivalent for Seamless. Once I received the request for different weathered versions, it was a matter of changing the background, adding effects, and adjusting colors. 
Seamless brand Drivers
Grubhub brand Drivers
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