Illustrator & Product Designer - San Francisco, CA
Specializing in:  Mobile & Web UI/UX | Illustration | Brand System Illustration | Graphic Design | Prototyping | Freelancing
When Rehana held her first crayon while watching her favorite animated movie, Disney's "The Little Mermaid", at the wee age of 4, the clouds parted and a bright Godly light shined upon her. It was written in her destiny. She was going to be an artist / designer! And despite all odds, she fought her way through obstacles and paper monsters with her mighty Crayon, which now leveled up into a mechanical pencil and Wacom Stylus, to show the world who she was always meant to be and she can conquer anything with scribbles and an imaginative mind!
Ok, forreal tho, I've always been an overly creative individual since the wee age of 5. I've always been obsessed with drawing, and when I wasn't drawing, I was doing something else creative, whether it was scribbling wireframes for website layout ideas while in high school, practicing Typography in homework assignments, storyboarding short film ideas in my college notebooks to shoot later with family members, or starting and finishing DIY or side projects for the heck of it. I'm passionate about creating and thrive on making people's visions come to life. 
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