Eat24 had an outdated coupon page in which the users could get to by on the site or by google search. But the illustrations and content were a little outdated and needed a facelift. I was tasked to do both design and illustration for this page. 
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch App

How do you arrive to Coupon's Page:
I used a Grubhub coupon page for reference since this was during an acquisition so I tried to match styles for consistency but keep the Eat24 branding intact. This was the page before:
I then reached out to the content/copy team to get some better copy to replace the old copy and to help make it better and concise. Some quick layouts:
Final Design

For the final design I created illustrations tailored to the new copy and making sure the visuals were just as clear as the copy and followed Grubhub's styleguide for a cleaner interface
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