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Some work in progresseseses

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Hi all!

I am doing this new thing where I’ve synced my khanart blog to my twitter and tumblr & facebook page so it’s faster to post rather than posting on each individually! It was just beginning to be too much to manage. So bear with me as I experiment and use the heck out of this feature :B

Meanwhile here are some stuff i’m currently working on!


I wanted to do a cultural piece, it was just an idea I had that I wanted to finish and make somethin’ pretty out of it! Here is a work in progress shot. I have more on my tumblr of previous work in progress, but this is just a small snapshot to highlight some detail I’ve added into the headpiece and top etc.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 1.06.03 AM


I’ve been wanting to also do some fanart for sailor moon and the scouts and have been sketching up a storm of thumbnails and some style sketches. I actually ended up liking this one so here’s a preview! I got tired of my old sailor moon piece and thought it was time to do a newer better and updated one! :D



Aand this is the latest from my ice cream lovers painting since I haven’t updated it on my blog, i’ll just post it here :P

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 9.20.52 AM

I’ve been mostly busy freelancing, but seeing as it’s been a bit slow this week I’ve been trying to take a crack at finishing up with my wip art. I tend to jump around bc i get bored working on something for too long, or i get stuck and need to get on a diff painting and it will eventually come to me what I was stuck on another painting and then go back. ┬áBut at the end of it ill have 3-4 new paintings/ art rather than just one!!! Sometimes I have too many ideas, and just not enough time.

but yeah UPDAAATE!