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Just a widdle update

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On what I’m working on!… that is..

APE is coming up closer and closer and I’m SOO behind! >_<
So I’m sketching stuff like crazy all at once so I can ink/ paint them soonish. As long as I have a bunch of cool lineart I think that’s a good base/ start to where I wanna go with… my stuff… lol. Stay tuned for more!

Just for funnn..!

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So I recently made an investment and got a Cintiq. So I’m forcing myself to just paint for the heck of it. Just to find the fun in creating art again since the majority of art I make is work related. So here’s a quick speedpaint of TJ. It’s off an old sketch I did. A newer one is coming up soon! I figure i should exercise with painting some TJs since I was planning on finally starting on that comic I wanted to do. I might go in later and refine this one. 

Lineart was done in Illustrator, painting done in PS :)

Yaaaay Cintiq!! @____@