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Okaay so.. this is a sketchblog right? And i should be posting.. sketches…. riiiigghtt?? Well then i’ve been doing a really bad job of it!!!!

So we have to do something about that..!!!!

I’m gonna post a large sketchdump and hope someone out there gets inspired. It’s basically a ton of stuff I’ve sketched in the past 2 years or so that i never updated. I’ve been looking at blogs of other fellow artists and think “damn… what am i doing?”

To be honest i dont think ive drawn any personal art since i found a job and the only kind of concept or sketches that i have been doing are for work which i cant show ’til a lil’ while. BUT i came across an amazing discovery in which i should have re-discovered (i should say) and used it to my advantage. BART!!!! Yes.. the bay area rapid transit. I had to take it for 2 days since the bay bridge closed and i couldn’t drive to work.

I avoided BART as much as i could bc of weird past experiences with strange people. But after 2 days of sitting and actually having some time before work to take out my sketchbook and draw. I am now a BART rid’ah!

Oh and walking 6 blocks to work and 6 blocks back has helped speed up my metabolism again :)