About Me

Rehana was born in Virginia and moved to California at the age of 5. Since she was a toddler, she loved to scribble and draw. Her father noticing her love for cartoons often bought classic Disney and Looney Tunes to keep her distracted while he worked, but never imagined it would one day become a passion and obsession. He just thought it was cute she was tracing her Little Mermaid T-Shirts repeatedly. Growing up, cartoons and comics influenced her more and more into drawing nonstop and it fueled her to pursue a career in Arts and Illustration. Even though her parents did not approve, she knew she could never give it up. In high school, she discovered the art of 3D from her CAD teacher, who threw her into 3d Studio Max and encouraged her to explore the software and create something amazing. Thus forth led her to pursue a career in Animation and Visual Effects from Ex’pression College. She couldn’t believe she could create a career out of something so exciting and fun! And is happily doodling and dreaming up a storm, as she has made her passion her profession.